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Surgery & Follow Up Process

Day Of Surgery

The day prior to the operation the hospital would like you to call on 09 6311900 to confirm the time to arrive. It is important to remember not to have anything to eat or drink for at least six hours prior to the start of surgery.

You will arrive at the hospital and be introduced to one of the preoperative care nurses, who will check you are the correct patient an go over your medical history. You will then get changed into a theatre gown and either wait in a private room on the ward or in a private preoperative waiting room. Family members and support people can remain with you until you go through into the operating room.

Dr Chaplin will come in and speak to you prior to the operation. He will go over the details of the surgery and will discuss the photo-manipulations again.

The anaesthetist will talk to you and then you will be brought through to the operating room and put to sleep.

Once the operation is completed you will be taken to the recovery room for about 30 minutes prior to returning to the ward, you will become aware once you are back to the ward.

Dr Chaplin will phone or visit your family members on the ward to let them know how the operation went.

After Surgery

Dr Chaplin will visit you later in the day and discuss the procedure and post operative care. If you are staying the night in hospital he will visit the following morning.
Packing is very rarely used in nasal surgery but if it is it will be taken out prior to discharge.

There will be a splint on the outside of the nose following rhinoplasty and facial compression dressings after chin implant surgery. In an external rhinoplasty there are stitches around the columella that need to be removed at one week.
You will be asked to gently apply ointment that will be supplied to this wound.
A follow up appointment will be made prior to discharge.

There will be bruising and swelling that is often worse 2-3 days after discharge from hospital. Over the next 3-4 days this settles rapidly. There is some swelling of the nasal skin which lasts several months and gradually settles. The final results are usually evident at around one year.
It is important not to perform strenuous exercise in the week following surgery this includes gym classes, weight lifting, running and swimming. Showering is permitted but you will be asked not to get the tapes and splint wet as this will loosen it and it will come off.


At Home

You should rest and allow healing to occur. Walks are OK but avoid strenuous exercise and no swimming. Usually the surgery is not painful but the areas will be tender if bumped.

Frequently antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the chance of infection and pain relief medications are also given. Sometimes nasal irrigations are prescribed to be used up to three times a day and the ward staff will demonstrate how these should be used prior to discharge.

Try not to get the splint wet as it will come off, avoid water directly onto wounds.


Follow Up

At this appointment Dr Chaplin will remove the splint and sutures if there are any to take out. After rhinoplasty the nose will be noticeably different but what you see will not be the final result. There is swelling and bruising that takes several weeks to months to settle and in fact the final result is usually seen at around one year post surgery. So if there is swelling do not worry it will settle down. There may be further post operative instructions and another appointment will be made for around one month.

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