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Taking the first step

The first step to achieving your goals is to make an appointment to see Dr John Chaplin at his consulting office in suite 2 at Gillies Hospital, 160 Gillies Ave, Epsom in Auckland

During the initial 30 minute consultation Dr Chaplin will listen carefully to what you have to say regarding nasal and facial issues that you would like to have changed.

There will be questions relating to the cosmetic issues and also about your nasal function and  general health. It is very important to know whether previous surgery has been performed on the nose or face as this often changes the approach used and the potential outcomes.

Dr Chaplin will examine your nose and face and will often need to look inside the nose in rhinoplasty cases. Occasionally he will need to use a fibreoptic telescope to look into the back of the nasal cavity. This is usually in patients with sinus and nasal airway problems. During the examination he will discuss the findings and explain why certain features are present.

Once the examination is completed John will discuss with you what he believes will be able to be achieved, what approach will be required, how long the procedure and recovery will be and how much it is likely to cost.

He will then take a series of photographs and over the next few days you will receive manipulations of these photos demonstrating the types of changes that are likely to be achieved. Dr Chaplin is careful to emphasise that the photo-manipulations are not a guarantee of outcome merely a goal to be worked towards. Frequently, in Dr Chaplin’s practice, that goal is achieved.

At the end of the consultation Dr Chaplin’s secretary will help with deciding ona date for surgery and giving you a written estimate of costs and written information on the operation.

Further consultations are often recommended if there a long period of time between the original consult and the date of surgery.

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